Create and execute complex business transactions with drag-and-drop simplicity

Keep your existing business tools and processes, and easily integrate new ones. Seamlessly add blockchain and distributed ledger functions to your existing processes. Build trust, visibility, and accountability into the value of information and financial products.

The Rebar Solution

Rebar is a cloud platform that can support thousands of simultaneous business processes across hundreds of businesses. Its web-based, mobile-ready interface provides easy access to hosted business processes. Rebar interfaces with your existing business tools and processes, and strengthens and supports your current way of working.

About Us

Concluent is leveraging its expertise in blockchain and distributed ledger technologies with its strong base of intellectual property to create products that are changing the landscape of robotic process automation. We are focused on the automation of highly complex business and financial transactions that require trusted and reliable transactions backed by modern DLT platforms.

Our Team

Concluent is a team of industry veterans from the FinTech, AI, and commercial software spaces, with deep experience in blockchain, distributed ledger technologies, complex software architectures, and pragmatic execution of commercial software business plans. All are entrepreneurs with multiple exits from well-known public and private businesses.

Chuck Shotton

& Co-founder

Tech industry leader, with 30+ years of venture, start-up, and technology experience with DARPA, NASA, academia, and Fortune 500 businesses

Evin Grano

VP Technology
& Co-founder

Software architecture and engineering leader who has created innovative AI applications, industrywide frameworks, and industry-first blockchain solutions for tokenization and trading of complex financial instruments

Valérie Beaudoin

Operations and Business Process Consulting

Operations leader with 2 decades of project and product management, financial controls, and business operations experience